To Regulate or Not: Balancing Innovation with the Cybersecurity and Legal Risks of Hackable Things


September 22, 2017

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
1 hour
Breakout Room 1

In the next five years we expect to see an exponential growth in connected devices. Regulators are starting to focus on the public policy implications of the Internet of Things, and how to mitigate potential harms to consumers as a result of this ubiquitous interconnectivity. In addition to an increase in regulatory activity, participants in the production of connected devices, and aggregation and use of data culled from connectivity, are also just beginning to grapple with significant liability concerns, and how best to protect themselves from potential litigation. This session will look at policy and legal options for managing the cyber security risks associated with the development and manufacture of connected devices, the collection and analysis of data associated with the Internet of Things, and the everyday use of such devices by organizations and individuals.


Cybersecurity Practice Lead - West Coast
Covington & Burling